RVTD’s Transportation Building construction

The Project involves developing and constructing a new facility on RVTD’s campus to accommodate future growth. The RVTD main campus at 3200 Crater Lake Ave. Medford, OR currently facilitates all of RVTD’s primary functions including administration, maintenance, operations, fueling, employee parking, bus parking, facilities maintenance (bus stops), as well as storage of support vehicles, vehicle parts, tires and other equipment.

RVTD’s current fleet size is 45 buses, 37 of which are in daily service at any one time. Buses enter and exit the current facility via Ford Drive on the north side of the campus. Parking for bus operators, administrative staff and visitors, operations, and non-revenue vehicles is distributed around the entire facility. The majority of parking is comingled with bus operations, fleet parking, and is adjacent to the bus fueling facility.

RVTD completed a PIVOT RVTD Campus Master Plan that proposed to construct a new Transportation building and a two story parking structure for all staff passenger cars, freeing up space within the existing facility parcel. The new building would be developed on a 1.34 parcel abutting the south side of the existing facility owned by RVTD.  This project allows RVTD to expand the bus fleet to 60 buses, the forecasted fleet size in 2040.

Future project phases propose to redevelop the existing bus operations, fueling, washing, and maintenance operations to consolidate fueling and washing, expand the existing maintenance building, modify internal circulation, and allow for future fleet expansion to 60 buses. This would result in the maximum build-out condition for year 2040.