Subsidized Pass Programs

RVTD offers two bus pass programs for employers, making it easy to provide transit access to an entire population at a substantial discount.

U-Pass program

With the U-Pass, the monthly price of bus fare is $3.85 per employee for companies that buy the pass for all of their employees. That’s 93% less than the cost of a regular monthly bus pass (normally $56), based on the likelihood that not all employees will ride the bus. Schools can participate for just $1.95 per student per month. We ask for a minimum of 10 employees or students for participation in the U-Pass program.

Fare Share program

The Fare Share option lets employers and schools share the cost of transit access with their employees or students, with a major discount for both. For just $0.45 per person per month, a company or school can provide access to greatly reduced transit fare. Like the U-Pass, this monthly fee applies to each person, regardless of whether they use transit. Employees of participating organizations can buy a monthly transit pass for just $10, rather than the normal rate of $56. For students, a monthly pass costs just $5 per month. We ask for a minimum of 100 employees or students for participation in the Fare Share program.

Benefits of Discounted Employer Bus Passes:

  • Attract and retain quality employees.
  • Reduce absenteeism.
  • Boosts wages by lowering employee transportation costs.
  • Reduces parking demand.
  • Reduce company’s carbon footprint.
  • Enhance company reputation.
  • Tax savings for employers.*

*Section 132(f) of the Internal Revenue Code allows employers to provide tax-free benefits to employees related to transit. These Qualified Transportation Fringe Benefits are commonly referred to as commuter benefits. Businesses may deduct the administrative cost of these employer-paid benefits from their gross income for purposes of taxation. Both the employer and employees save on taxes since they do not pay federal income or payroll taxes on these benefits. To learn more about Qualified Transportation Benefits visit our Commute Services page.

Visit our Commute Services page for more information about the services we offer to Employers and Employees.

Service Worker Bus Pass Program

The Service Worker Bus Pass Program is designed to provide transportation and financial relief to those workers in our community, such as service workers or those working in the food/hospitality industry, affected by the closure and disruption of business caused by the COVID-19 Pandemic. RVTD will partner with interested local employers to distribute discounted passes directly to their employees at a 50% discount at no cost to the employer.

How it works:

RVTD will work directly with eligible employers to make these discounted passes available to employees. RVTD will allow approved employer partners to directly sell and distribute discounted passes to employees via the online TouchPass Merchant Portal (RVTD’s e-fare technology). There is no cost to the employer to participate in this program.

Passes Regular Cost Service Worker Discount Cost
Monthly Pass $56 $28
20 Ride Pass $32 $16


How to Participate:

  1. Interested Employers can apply for the Service Worker Bus Pass Program by filling out an application and need statement.
  2. RVTD will review applications and determine eligibility based on needs and benefits to employees, and the ability of the Employer to manage and distribute passes under this program.
  3. Once the Merchant Agreement is finalized, approved employers will be given access to the TouchPass Merchant Portal where they will only be eligible to sell and distribute the discounted Monthly and 20 Ride Passes directly to their employees. These passes will only be distributed by selected employers, RVTD staff will not be selling passes to eligible employees, only participating employers will prove employee eligibility (employment) and sell passes.
  4. RVTD will bill employers monthly based on sales of passes and new card accounts. There is no cost for employers to participate in this program

For more information please contact:

Edem Gomez
TDM Planner
[email protected]