Fares & Passes

Fare Products and Pricing

Full Fare
Single Ride
Day Pass
20-Ride Pass
1 Month Pass
Reduced Fare
Single Ride
Day Pass
20-Ride Pass
1 Month Pass

No Refunds or Exchanges on Fares Purchased. When paying cash, exact change is required. Operators do not provide change. Youth aged 9 years of age and younger ride free with parent or guardian.


Transfer Passes are valid for two trips within 90 minutes of being issued. Request one from driver at the time fare payment.

Special Fare Products

Summer Youth Pass (June, July, August)
Ages 10-18
Helping Hands Pass (6-rides)
Non-profit organizations

Where to Buy Fare Products

Passes can be purchased at the following locations:

  • Front Street Transfer Station at 200 S. Front Street in Medford
  • RVTD Administration Building at 3200 Crater Lake Avenue in Medford
  • City of Ashland Utilities Office
  • Online! If you have a TouchPass or Umo Card you can purchase fare online.
  • With the ‘Umo Mobility App’, to use your phone to purchase fare and validate your trips on the bus download the Umo Mobility App, Apple App Store or Google Play.
  • Cash is accepted on board the bus at fare box for single trip payments. Exact change is required, operators do not provide change.

Reduced Fare

RVTD offers Reduced Fare for any of the following passengers:

  • Passengers 62 years or older (with photo ID)
  • Passengers 10-17 years
  • Medicare cardholders
  • Disabled Veterans (see below for details)
  • Valley Lift Clients
  • People with disabilities (with RVTD issued Reduced Fare ID)

To obtain a Reduced Fare ID Card, go to the RVTD Transfer Station at 200 S. Front Street in Medford (Monday – Friday, 8:00 am to 5:00 pm) and ask the customer service agent at the window for an application to get a Reduced Fare Card. Fill out the form and have a physician verify your disability and sign the form. Return the completed form to RVTD. Pay $2.00 for the picture ID to the customer service agent. You may now pay the reduced fare on the bus. Additionally VALID Valley Lift ID card, current Medicare card or certain veteran’s benefits (see below) is also considered a Reduced Fare Card. Presentation of one of these cards is required when purchasing any reduced fare ride, pass or token*.

*Two reduced fare tokens will no longer be accepted as a full fare payment.

Disabled Veterans

Veterans who have the following credentials qualify for reduced fare:

  • VA SORCC ID that is stamped with “service connected”
  • Temporary inpatient ID card from the VA SORCC (Your home card, valid only while you are an inpatient)
  • Picture ID with your date of birth showing you are 62 years or older
  • Government ID card stating you have a disability
  • RVTD reduced fare ID card

Stored Value and Fare Capping

Stored value fare offers passengers with a new way to ride the bus through stored value and fare capping. No more need to purchase a pass up-front. Just pay your fare as you ride and once you spend $6 per day ($3 for reduced fare riders) or $56 per month ($28 for reduced fare riders) the system will cap your account and you won’t have to pay for any additional rides that day or for the rest of that calendar month!*

*There is no 7 day grace period with stored value fare. Fare Capping is only valid for the day or calendar month in which it was earned, once a new day or month begins the system resets and resumes charging for fare. Stored Value Fare is valid for only one rider/passenger, a passback limit is in place for stored value fare. Anti-passback is a security measure that aims to prevent consecutive transactions for one Umo/Touchpass card or account that has stored value, it prevents multiple people from using the same card/account to use the bus.

How does it work?

  • Passengers load fare known as ‘stored value’ into their UMO Pass/TouchPass account. You can load anywhere from $5 -$120 at a time.
  • As you ride, the TouchPass/UMO Pass system deducts fare value from your account for each trip. Don’t worry, transfers are still free.
  • Daily Cap: Once you have paid a total of $6 that day ($3 for reduced fare) the UMO Pass/TouchPass system will let you ride fare free for the rest of the day. That means whether you ride 4x or 10x that day you won’t pay more than $6!
  • Monthly Cap: Then starting at the beginning of the calendar month, UMO Pass/TouchPass will start counting how many times you ride. Once you have used $56 in fare ($28  reduced fare) the UMO Pass/TouchPass system will let you ride fare free for the rest of the month. For someone who rides to and from work every day, after 14 days, no matter how many more times you ride you won’t pay anymore that calendar month!
  • Protect your fare! Register your UMO Pass/TouchPass account at TouchPass.com. With a registered account if your card is lost or stolen your account balance can be transferred to a new card.
  • All TouchPass/UMO Pass sales are final, non-transferable, and non-refundable.

Find our more about UMO Pass and the benefits of stored value and fare capping.