Bikes On The Bus

Bikes On The Bus

We provide a bike rack on the front of every fixed route bus. Racks can carry up to three bikes. Spaces on the rack are first come, first served. Riders can easily add or remove their bikes from any of the rack slots, even when the other slots are full.​

Electric and/or Motorized Bikes or Skateboards are prohibited on RVTD buses due to bike rack limitations and unapproved devices.

​Maximum Tire Width: 3″

Bike on bus - Step 1

Step 1: Make sure the bus stops completely and the driver acknowledges you before you step in front of the bus. Never approach a stopped bus from the street side, as you cannot safely determine when a driver is about to leave a stop.

Bike on bus - Step 2

Step 2: Squeeze the handle on the top of the rack and lower it. Now your bike is ready to load with two more easy steps.

Bike on bus - Step 3

Step 3: Place your bike in the rack into one of the bike wheel wells where it says to “Place the front wheel here”.

Bike on bus - Step 4

Step 4: Pull the support arm up, out, and over the front tire as high on the tire as it will go. This secures your bike in place.