Zero Emission Paratransit

RVTD Zero Emission Paratransit Vehicles and Charging Improvements

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Although RVTD has completed a Climate Action Plan as part of the first Biden-Harris Sustainable Communities Challenge and a Zero Emission (ZE) Fuels Analysis for its buses it currently operates no ZE vehicles in public service. This funding will transition ten (10) Gasoline paratransit vehicles to Ford Electric-Transit Buy America compliant vehicles that are 100% battery electric. Due to the range limitations of the Ford E-Transit vans of 80-120 miles the request also includes 3 additional vehicles to be used as spares while vehicles are charging midday and to install seven (7) L2 chargers and one (1) DCFC quick charger. Using the USDOT Volpe Center Emissions Calculator RVTD estimates that by replacing the vehicles with electric Buy America certified vehicles it will reduce 869 Metric Tons of CO2 over the next five years.

Regional and Oregon state partners strongly encourage RVTD to adopt EV vehicles to reduce harmful GHG and carbon emissions. The RVTD Board of Directors adopted a goal to transition 50% of the bus fleet to ZEB by 2040 and supports this additional effort to adopt electric paratransit vehicles into its Valley Lift ADA program.

The Valley Lift program serves the region’s older adults and persons with disabilities and provides nearly 45,000 trips per year. Valley Lift is an essential but resource-intensive service. By 2025, 72% of RVTD’s paratransit vehicles will have surpassed their useful life. Without reliable vehicles, RVTD cannot provide a dependable transportation option for these riders who often have no other option