UMO Pass Card

UMO Pass, the new TouchPass Brand is here. Learn more!

UMO Pass has several advantages, including:

  • Easy Boarding – UMO Pass users don’t need to show their pass to the driver. Just tap your card on the reader and wait for the green light to show that your fare has been approved.
  • Automatic Transfers – A transfer credit is stored for 90 minutes after your first boarding and your next ride will be free during that period. No need to ask your driver for a paper transfer.

Passengers with a registered UMO Pass card get even more benefits:

  • Online Fare Purchases – Registered passengers can buy passes from the convenience of your home or on your smartphone.
  • Pass Protection – Your passes, transfers, and punch cards are safe, even if you lose your card.*
  • Automated Alerts  – We’ll send an email to you when your pass is nearing expiration or your punch card is running out of trips.

For passengers who already have a UMO Pass card, visit to register your account, purchase fare products, or manage your account. For passengers who don’t have a card but would like one, please visit Front Street Station or call (541) 779-5821 for more information.

*All use of the TouchPass and UMO Pass system including but not limited to the Touchpass or UMO Pass Card, Website, and Reader are subject to RVTD policy and the terms and conditions available for viewing at


The UMO Pass Mobile App offers the latest in fare payment technology .​

Paying for your bus ride is easy with the UMO Pass mobile app.  The UMO app allows you to buy and use bus fare from your mobile device.  Just download the app and follow the instructions to setup your account.

Get the UMO mobile app from the App Store or Google Play