New Bus Stop Signs Coming!

RVTD has a new look for its bus stop signs! Beginning on May 13th the new signs will begin replacing the older signs but it will take a couple of months to fully retrofit the system. The new sign features a bus icon in white with RVTD’s teal, gold and black branding simply stating “BUS”.

RVTD’s older stop sign uses the RVTD logo with a phone number but if you’re not familiar with who RVTD is, it might not be clear the sign is for a transit stop. The new design clearly states that it is a place to catch a bus. Of the 484 stops throughout the entire transit system, 68 are shelters and 124 are Simme seats (two seats on either side of a pole). The rest are either a wood or metal post or they share a post with another traffic sign. Nearly 13% of RVTD’s stops are still unsigned, or called ‘flag stops’. These are areas where there is not an ADA compliant sidewalk to post a sign but drivers are told to stop if a passenger is waiting in the location. All of RVTD’s stop improvements have to meet ADA before they can be changed.

RVTD will also be adding ‘trip planning’ signs later this year. A smaller sign, closer to eye-level, the trip planning sign will tell passengers when RVTD serves that stop, the frequency of service, a real-time bus arrival text number and more.

So look for RVTD’s new sign at a stop near you!