UMO Pass and Fare Capping arrive to RVTD!

UMO Pass, pronounced “You-Mo”, was released to RVTD passengers on April 5th. UMO Pass offers passengers with a new way to ride the bus through stored value and fare capping.

This new option provides passengers with another simple, affordable, and fair way to ride RVTD. No more need to purchase a pass up-front. Just pay your fare as you ride and once you spend $6 per day ($3 for reduced fare riders) or $56 per month ($28 for reduced fare riders) the UMO Pass/TouchPass system will ‘cap’ your account and you won’t have to pay for any additional rides that day or for the rest of the month!

Passengers can keep their fare safe by registering their UMO Pass account. With a registered account if a passenger loses their card RVTD can easily transfer their account balance to a new card. For more information please visit

UMO Pass, la nueva marca de TouchPass, llegará a RVTD el 5 de abril de 2021. UMO Pass ofrecerá a los pasajeros una nueva forma de viajar en autobús a través del “stored value” y’fare capping”.

Esta nueva opción brindará a los pasajeros otra forma simple, asequible y justa de viajar en RVTD. Ya no es necesario comprar un pase por adelantado. Simplemente pague su tarifa mientras viajes y cuando gastes $ 6 por día ($ 3 para pasajeros con tarifa reducida) o $ 56 por mes ($ 28 para pasajeros con tarifa reducida), el sistema UMO Pass / TouchPass ‘limitará’ su cuenta y no tendrá pagar los viajes adicionales ese día o el resto del mes.