2040 Transit Plan



Rogue Valley Transportation District (RVTD) completed it’s strategic planning process in November of 2019 to review the transit services and facilities provided in the Rogue Valley service area. The 2040 Transit Master Plan identifies near-, mid-, and long-term transit services for the existing RVTD service area and the surrounding areas into which RVTD may extend. The 2040 Transit Master Plan provides RVTD Board of Directors, managers, and staff a framework for providing transit and transit-related serviced to the Rogue Valley. It is the only plan in Jackson County and the Rogue Valley dedicated to transit and is intended to be used by RVTD to identify new services, estbalish policy, and achieve significant progress in RVTD departments.

For more information about the plan or the planning process please contact:

Paige West
RVTD Planning and
Strategic Projects Manager

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January 14, 2022 RVTD 2040 Transit Master Plan View Report