United We Ride

The Coordinated Human Services Public Transportation plan (United We Ride Plan) will address the transportation needs of 3 community groups: older adults, persons with disabilities and low-income. Local organizations can participate in the plan to help identify transportation needs. The “United We Ride” Plan is being updated from the 2017 version to reflect community needs and opportunities in 2020-2021.

Providers such as Living Opportunities, Community Volunteer Network and RVTD currently provide various transportation services from bicycle loan programs to ADA-access vehicles and everything in between. This plan seeks to identify, improve, and to make these services more efficient.

Our region receives federal and state dollars that can be used to fulfill the projects identified in the plan. The RVTD Special Transportation Advisory Committee uses the plan to improve mobility for older adults, people with disabilities, and low income communities.

Beginning in October, RVTD will release a survey and work with local human service agencies and providers. If you are interested and would like to learn more please contact Bryan Simpson at [email protected] or call 541-608-2423.