TransLink Chat Terms & Conditions

Welcome to TransLink Chat!

You can end the conversation with TransLink Chat anytime by texting STOP. Choosing to stop won’t affect your ability to receive services or communicate with TransLink through other methods like phone or mail.
To receive messages from our live agents, you will need to understand and agree to the following TransLink Chat terms and conditions: When you send a text message, it may go through systems with different levels of security. This means that the privacy and integrity of your message could be compromised. Mobile phone carriers might also have access to the content, senders, and recipients of text messages.
By not opting out, you give us permission to communicate with you via texts that could occasionally contain protected health information (PHI). However, please note that these communications are not encrypted and could be intercepted and viewed by unauthorized individuals.
Since TransLink Chat messages may include PHI and details about your benefits and coverage, we strongly advise you to secure your mobile phone. You can do this by setting a PIN or using biometric options like fingerprint, face, or iris recognition. Locking your phone when you’re not using it will reduce the risk of unauthorized people accessing information on your device.