Valley Lift is on Umo

Valley Lift is joining the Umo family.

Umo (pronounced “you-mo”) is RVTD’s electronic fare payment system, allowing riders the flexibility to prepay and reload fare to a tap card or mobile app. Electronic readers are installed on all Valley Lift vehicles. Electronic fare reduces boarding times and improves rider experience!

What does this mean for Valley Lift passengers?

Valley Lift riders can use the same quick and easy fare program used on RVTD buses, now on Valley Lift! Paying for your Valley Lift rides is quick and easy with Umo. There is no change to the cost of Valley Lift. Rides will continue to be $4. Whether you pay with cash or scrip, switching to the new Umo Card or the Umo Mobility app is the fastest and easiest way to purchase your Valley Lift fare. Passengers can purchase an Umo card from the Valley Lift driver for $22, this includes the $2 one time card fee and $20 of stored value loaded onto the card.  Once purchased, you can start using your Valley Lift Umo card immediately.    Valley Lift scrip tickets will no longer be sold to the public after January 1, 2023, but will continue to be accepted on all Valley Lift vehicles until further notice.

Where to buy your Umo card.

Valley Lift Umo cards are available for $22 on all Valley Lift vans ($2 one time Umo card fee, $20 Valley Lift fare) or from the RVTD TransLink building located at 239 E. Barnett Road in Medford.  Umo cards purchased from TransLink can be loaded in any amount.

Using your Umo card or App to ride Valley Lift:

Umo card readers are on each Valley Lift van. To pay, simply scan your Umo card or QR code through the Mobile App on the Umo card reader. When you see a green light, you know your fare has been accepted and you’re ready to board the van. Scanning your Umo card or the Umo Mobile App QR code deducts the $4 Valley Lift fare from your Umo account. You can visit to quickly and easily check your Umo account balance or load more funds into your Umo account when they are low. You can purchase an Umo card from the TransLink office or from your Valley Lift driver.

Steps to registering your Umo Card:

Step 1: Go to the Umo Passenger Portal at

Step 2: On the Sign In page, click Create Account.

Step 3: On the Let’s Get You Going page, click Register a Card.

Step 4: On the Register Your Card page, enter your Umo card number in the Card Number field, and click Next. (Make sure you are registering the card purchased from a Valley Lift Driver or one with the Valley Lift Fare Type.)

Step 5: On the Create Your Account page, enter a unique username and create a password.

Step 6: Enter an email address and mobile phone number. (This is helpful in the event of account recovery.)

Step 7: Once you read the Terms and Conditions, select the checkbox and click Save.

Step 8: Once your account is created, you can add value to your account and start riding!

Steps to loading your Valley Lift Umo Card:

Step 1: Go to the Umo Passenger Portal at

Step 2: On the Sign In page, enter your created username and password.

Step 3: Once you have signed in, select Buy button.

Step 4: Select the Stored Value option

Step 5: Select the Choose a custom amount button, then enter the amount you would like to load on your card.  (Valley Lift is currently $4 per trip, so loading funds in increments of $4 is recommended)

Step 6: Select Checkout, enter your payment information.  Select Purchase to finalize your purchase. You can also save your payment information for future purchased by selecting Save Payment

Transferring your Umo Card to the Umo Mobile App:

Alert – RVTD strongly encourages Valley Lift passengers not familiar with smartphone technology or have purchased a Valley Lift Umo card, use their Umo card for fare payments.

For Valley Lift passengers that would like to use the Umo mobile app:  You must have an Umo card assigned with the Valley Lift Fare Type. These can be purchased from on the van from Valley Lift drivers or from the TransLink offices located at 239 E. Barnett Road in Medford. Transferring your Umo card to the mobile app will void your card. Be sure you want to solely use the Umo App to ride Valley Lift.

How to set up the Umo Mobile App:

Step 1: Download the Umo App on your smartphone from either the App Store or Google Play and set up your account using your Valley Lift Umo card.

Step 2: When prompted to sign-in make sure to click the ‘Create an account with my card’ and use the Valley Lift assigned card purchased from Valley Lift. If you do not use a Valley Lift assigned card to set up your account, you will not be able to use the app onboard the vehicle.

Step 3: Once registered, you are good to go!