Emergency Ride Home

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What is the Emergency Ride Home Program?

The Emergency Ride Home Program (ERH) is like commuter insurance. It is an opportunity for employers in the Rogue Valley to provide employees with up to four (4) free taxi rides home (up to 30 metered miles) each year, should they experience a personal or family emergency on a day when they have commuted to work without a car (bike, bus, walk, carpool, vanpool).

Employers must be enrolled in this free program in order for it to be available to their employees. 

ERH is one of the easiest, cost-free benefits an employer can offer their employees. It’s a great way to show your employees that you care. If an employee experiences a qualified personal or family emergency on any day that they have commuted to work without a car (bike, walk, bus, carpool, vanpool), RVTD will provide him or her with a voucher for a free taxi ride home, to the hospital, to school to pick up sick child etc… (up to 30 metered miles).

How does the ERH Program work?

In order for employees to receive ERH program benefits, the employer must first enroll by signing a program agreement designating someone at their worksite to act as a liaison between RVTD and the employees of the worksite. We call this person an Employee Transportation Coordinator (ETC).

Employees will need to create a free account at GetThereOregon.org, the state coordinated online rideshare database.  Employees are urged not to wait until they have an emergency to enroll.

Should an employee experience a qualified emergency on a day that they have commuted without their car, they simply access the Emergency Ride Home program in Get There Oregon and “request a new voucher.” They then follow the instructions on the voucher, enter the information requested, and print the voucher. The employee may contact one of the participating taxi service providers listed and give the completed voucher to the taxi driver. The voucher will cover all expenses of the ride up to 30 metered miles, if the ride is longer than the maximum 30 mile coverage the ERH client will be responsible for the remaining balance. Once the ride is complete the Taxi Company will invoice RVTD directly.

What conditions qualify?

  • Personal or family illness, injury, or other emergency
  • Home damaged by fire, burglary, or similar emergency
  • Carpool/Vanpool driver has an emergency and has to leave early, leaving you stranded
  • Unscheduled overtime (with supervisor’s signature on the ERH voucher)
  • Catastrophic Bicycle Failure
  • Snow Closures or Major Delays to RVTD Service due to snow

What conditions do not qualify?

  • Ride to work
  • Personal errands or scheduled appointments
  • Scheduled overtime or business related travel
  • Working late without supervisors approval
  • Missed carpool/bus
  • Inclement weather
  • Personal vehicle failure
  • Minor Bicycle Failure (flat tire etc…)