RVTD supports biking as a smart, healthy, and fun mode of transportation. We work to encourage more people to find the joy of bicycling as a means to get to work, school, shopping and more! There are many benefits to bicycling ranging from saving money, getting healthy, decreasing your carbon footprint or just having fun! The Rogue Valley is a great place to ride a bike, with the world class Bear Creek Greenway connecting Ashland to Medford the opportunities to explore our community on two wheels is almost endless.

If you are interested in learning more about biking safely in the Rogue Valley, explore the resources below. To schedule a Safe Bike Commuting Class for your organization, group, or worksite contact us, we offer classes at no charge!

Bear Creek Greenway

The Bear Creek Greenway connects the communities of Ashland, Talent, Phoenix, Medford and Central Point with an 18-mile paved, multi-use trail. Bicyclists, skaters, runners, and walkers use the trail for transportation and recreation.Community parks along the Greenway offer restrooms, drinking water, playgrounds and picnicking opportunities. The Greenway provides easy access to many restaurants, coffee shops and bike shops in the communities it travels through. Check out a map of the Bear Creek Greenway! For more information about the Bear Creek Greenway visit the BCG Foundation Page.

Bicycle Safety: Essential Rules and Tips

1. Always wear a properly fitted helmet. Helmets are mandatory if under 16 years old (O.R.S. 814.485).

2. When entering a sidewalk, path or driveway, stop and look to make sure it’s clear and safe to proceed.

3. If crossing the street, walk your bike across the crosswalk. (Older, more experienced riders may learn to make vehicular-style left turns).

4. Cross only at the street corner.

5. When riding in the street, obey all traffic signals and laws.

6. Use the correct hand signals when turning to let drivers know your intentions.

7. Ride with the traffic flow, not against it.

8. Always stop at stop signals and stop lights.

9. Make sure bikes are equipped with a white front light and a red rear light (or at least a rear reflector). Most crashes happen from the front or the side, not the rear – so it’s important to be especially cautious when bicycling in the dark. (O.R.S. 815.280).

10. Know your rights and responsibilities as a bicyclist.

Oregon Road User Laws

All road users should be familiar with Oregon traffic laws. Portland based law firm Swanson, Thomas, Coon and Newton provide on-line resources for cyclists and pedestrians.

It is the responsibility of ALL road users to keep each other safe.

Swanson, Thomas, Coon and Newton – Resource Page

Pedal Power – A legal guide for Oregon Bicyclist