Join other kids and families, and ride bikes to school TOGETHER. The more, the safer.  If unfamiliar with the concept, this video will give you an idea.

The Willow Wind First Friday* Bike Bus uses two trained conductors working together. One leads at front; one sweeps at rear. Additional parent volunteers will help “cork” intersections. There will be one or more timed stops, where the whole group waits til a prescribed time to take off again en masse. But folks can join in at any point along the route (details below).

Lead volunteer: Mike Vergeer, parent to Paloma in 1st grade and certified bike safety instructor (LCI #2968). Text 541-631-9280 or email with comments, questions, or help assessing your kid’s readiness.

To parents: there are, of course, some risks inherent in bicycling to school.  If your kid is wobbly or otherwise unready to ride near traffic, you should ride with your kid. If they can stay focused and respond to some coaching, you can leave them to ride with the group. It’s your call.

* Note: When school is not in session on the first Friday of a given month, we’ll ride on the next Friday when school IS in session. For the 2023-24 school year, we’ll ride Oct. 6, Nov. 17, Dec. 1, Jan. 5, Feb. 2, Mar. 8, April 5, and May 3 (and June 7 only in case of snow/make-up day). The Bike Bus will run rain or shine!

Refer to turn-by-turn directions below this map (

Route start (7:50am): SW corner of Helman and W. Hersey St.

Brief safety orientation by conductors to all assembled

Ride SE on Helman. Cross RR tracks.

L on Van Ness (4-way stop)

R on Water (no stop sign for riders in this direction)

L from southbound Water St onto eastbound B St (no stop sign for riders in this direction)

Proceed eastward on B St. through 4-way stops at Pioneer, First, and Second Streets

L from eastbound B St. to northbound 8th St.

Enter east end of Railroad Park

Timed stop (8:10am): east end of Railroad Park at Central Bike Path
New riders wishing to join the bike bus here should wait OFF THE PED/BIKE PATH

Ride Central Bike Path eastward toward Willow Wind

Cross N. Mountain Ave. (remain on Central Bike Path)

Central Bike Path spills into crosswalk to cross E. Main, turning L and over train tracks onto E. Main St.

Exercise extra caution alongside busy car traffic on E. Main (esp. at Wightman Street intersection)

Entry to Willow Wind campus (refer to image detail below):
Remain on your bike on E. Main St. until you cross Campus Way (Scienceworks entry street).
Dismount bike immediately after crossing Campus Way to use the lighted crosswalk.
Push button for flashing lights, and walk across E. Main in crosswalk.
Continue walking (westbound) across Willow Wind driveway.
Then R onto Willow Wind bike path that parallels the driveway.
Proceed to covered bike parking near playground.